February Monthly Report

February Monthly Report

Well we have come to the end of the shortest month of the year and its been exciting as always, lots of stuff has been happening in the background at Kineko and we couldn't be more excited to tell you all about it in this report!

Buyback program

We are beginning our buybacks. Moving forward we will TWAP the buybacks in the first weeks of the month. We will not announce when we start these buybacks but the wallet address is C6fdhypjxn1zWJix9fc3gmMoY54u4g8ogz2y3vKvfSyK, Expect them to start within 3 days.

Volume Pool

This month we paid out 133412.92 $KKO, this months volume leader was Dyson on 17.08%, with Jrv hot on the tail with 16.4% followed by Apu100kPat on 15.46%, congrats to everyone who participated, don't spend it all at once.


The casino continues to be the backbone of the protocol generating $1,194,591.00 in volume and $97,221.00 in revenue.


It seems everyone who plays at Kineko is a strong UFC and NFL bettor. This month we tallied a total sportsbook volume of $1,739,767.00 while our community, again, showed their phenomenal betting prowess and was able to win a whooping $116,508.00.


At months end we closed for small loss of $19,287.00

Affiliates and Partners

We have been working tirelessly to generate meaningful partnerships, the affiliate program has grown extensively with additions of:

  • bitcoinplay.net
  • bitcoinfy.net
  • bitfortune.net
  • casinotopsonline.com
  • casinotopplisten.com
  • casinospesialisten.net
  • norskespilleautomater.com
  • kasinonetti.com
  • playcasino.co.za
  • casinosschweizonline.com
  • sportwettenschweiz.net
  • casinoforvip.com
  • betsystembets.com
  • betinjapan.com
  • hellagood.marketing
  • gamingmedia.com
  • best50casino.com
  • bookmakers.bet
  • academiadeapuestasargentina.com
  • strafe.com

We have also finalized a sponsorship deal for Team DogChamp, an NA Dota team that will be playing in ESL in just a few days, so look out for those announcements, the guys would love your support as they take on some of the biggest names in NA Dota!

As a great example, our friends over at the KingDome have been supporting us and generating great revenue for their DAO, so remember to use those ref links and fill up your treasuries!

You can apply through one of the team members or send an email to hi@kineko.com if you wish to join in!

Whats coming?

In the coming weeks/months we will be optimizing the website with additions like social media bet sharing, promo competitions, user profiles and other things like a new landing page so look out for those quality of life improvements.

As always we appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing the hard work on the marketing front come into fruition.

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Jamie Larson