February - Welcome to 8-figure casino volumes!

February - Welcome to 8-figure casino volumes!

Well well well. February may have been a short month, but it was a packed one! People finally realized $KNK existed and our holder base grew from 70 to 770! Welcome to all of our new holders, and a continued thank you to our existing holders who have been supportive since our token launch in August.

Moving on to the good stuff. We started to see an influx of new users in February, partly due to our token attracting more eyeballs and partly due to some successful new affiliate marketing partnerships. In February, we saw record casino volumes and record total volumes. We had some large winners in the sportsbook this month ($16k bettor on Everton at 8.0 odds I'm looking at you), so congrats to all of our big winners. The casino had a great month with $220,000 of monthly profit.

Looking ahead, we wanted to provide a summary of what you can expect in the next month:

Launch of our JUICY VIP program
  - You can see a full list of benefits at https://kineko.com/vip including level-up bonuses, VIP bonuses, as well as daily/weekly/monthly bonuses and many other VIP benefits.
   - Competitors have seen a large jump in volumes after launching their VIP program, and we are hoping our VIP program will have a similar impact to volumes and profits going forward.

Launching referral program
  - Now that we have a larger holder base, we want to hand over some of the power to our users and $KNK holders. Tell your friends about the platform with your personalized referral link and you'll be rewarded with a % of any net losses. We're hopeful that the user growth we've seen to date will only accelerate from here.

March Madness promos
  - March Madness is nearly upon us. Bracket busted early? Fear not, we'll have some exciting March Madness promos to keep you amused and win some exciting prizes!

Original casino games
  - After the success of our original Dice game, expect to see 2 new Kineko original games launched this month.

Adding new cryptocurrencies
  - We want to add new cryptocurrencies as betting options. More optionality for our users and access to larger communities.

MonkeDAO Monke Spotlight
 - Hoosier will be making his public debut on March 20th to speak to the Solana Monke Business's Monke DAO about the Kineko project.
 - One of the premiere Solana NFT groups, it is part of our upcoming push to get the Kineko name out there and continue to grow awareness surounding Solana's best sportsbook/casino.

As mentioned in our Discord, we are taking a look at multi-chain options. No decisions have been made, but the team is continuing to evaluate these options and will give updates as we have them.

Very exciting times for everyone involved with Kineko - this is just the beginning and we look forward to updating everyone over the coming months! Please be sure to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/kinekobet) and join our Discord (https://discord.gg/kineko) for updates.

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Jamie Larson