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Sports betting can be a little intimidating and confusing, especially for newcomers. Have you ever scrolled through the available matches and wondered what exactly a handicap is and how it can affect your bets and your payouts? What do the symbols mean for the teams? Here at Kineko, we utilize the Asian Handicap system for our sports betting protocol. While it’s mostly used for soccer matches, we use it across all sports. Read on for a quick explanation of how things work at Kineko to help make the most out of your bets.


So what is a handicap? A handicap basically means that one team has a “lead” in the match before it even starts. Asian handicaps also make sure that there’s no possibility of a draw in a match, so it becomes a zero-sum game where there are only two possible outcomes.

The +/- Symbols

Anytime you see a (-) symbol assigned to a team/player, that indicates that they are the favorite to win the match. A team assigned the (+) symbol indicates that they are the underdog or are expected to lose.

Let’s take a look at some examples using soccer.

Asian handicap 0.0

Market example: Chelsea odds are @1.90 — Liverpool odds are @1.95.

You may see some companies offer something like DNB, Draw no bet, or Level ball. These are the same bets with 0.0 AH and, in most cases, used in football markets.

0.25 Handicap Example

The game starts with a score of 0–0.25 (1/4 goal handicap). The underdog team has a quarter goal lead before kick-off.

You win, win the half, lose, or lose the half stake of your bets. Let’s see an example.

We use the minus symbol (-) if the team has the lead in the betting markets.

Monaco @2.00 — Lyon @1.90

0.5 Handicap Example

In this case, the game starts with a score of 0:0.5 (half goal handicaps). The outsider team has the advantage of a half goal before kick-off.

Porto @1.85 vs Benfica @2.00

Porto to win and Porto -0.5 AH are the same bets and usually have the same odds.

0.75 Handicap Example

Here the game starts with a score of 0:0.75 (3/4 goal handicap). The underdog team has a head start of a quarter goal before kick-off.

It is different from the 0.25 Asian handicap betting market with a slight exception.

Betis @1.90 vs Real Madrid @1.90

-1 Handicap Example

In this case, the match starts with a score of 0:1. The underdog team has a head start of one goal before kick-off (handicap 0:1).

Juventus @1.80 vs Bologna @2.05

The same goes on when the home team is the outsider. Usually, it is displayed like handicap 1:0 or handicap +1.

-1.5 Handicap Example

One of the most famous Asian lines in football handicap betting is the -1.5 line. Here the game starts with the 0:1.5 line (handicap 1.5).

The underdog team has the advantage of a goal and a half before kick-off. There is no stake back in this market.

Barcelona @1.90 vs Espanyol @2.00

Barcelona -1.5 Asian handicap is the same as Barcelona -1 EH (European handicap).

Asian handicap conclusion

So as you can see, there are many different ways to bet on your favorite matches at Kineko. While the Asian Handicap system may look complicated at first, we believe that experienced and new bettors alike will find it easy over time. Τake some time to learn the handicaps correctly.

Let us know what educational material you might be interested in and happy betting!


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