Kineko is moving to Solana!

Greetings, High Rollers!

We hope you’re enjoying the Kineko experience so far. We’re writing to share an exciting development with you today that we believe will greatly enhance the Kineko ecosystem.

As many of you know, the crypto landscape is one that is changing and growing at an exponential pace. With this rate of change and the ever-evolving networks, chains and their associated benefits and shortcomings in mind, the team must actively evaluate options that will ultimately benefit users and the project alike. As the number of users and betting volume on the site continues to grow, one of the more important properties the team looks at is scaling and scalability; the ability of a cryptocurrency to cope with large numbers of transactions at a time.

After careful consideration of the currently available scaling solutions for the decentralized betting application, we have come to the conclusion that the Solana network is the perfect home for Kineko. Solana has extremely fast and cheap transaction costs that will greatly enhance the betting and settlement experience for all users. We highlight this process below.

Stage 1 — Deposits

In the coming days we will begin the first stage of our transition to Solana. will begin accepting SOL token deposits at that time as we ramp up preparations for the migration. We will make a formal announcement when this stage begins.

Stage 2 — Migration

The process for migrating the staking pools to Solana will begin around 4 weeks from today (10/15/2021).During this stage, we will pause the KKO-ETH and KKO pool emissions.

The staking pools on Solana will be activated. Users can anticipate staking pools comprised of KKO-SOL and KKO-USDC tokens.

After roughly 48 hours we will begin emissions on Solana and and 1 week later we will take a snapshot (wink wink).

Your tokens will be migrated via a Smart-contract. We will provide all the interfaces for you to do this with ease.

Stage 3 — “But Kineko, What do I need to do?”

For users currently farming rewards, we recommend setting up a wallet on the Solana network for the migration. The Kineko team highly recommends Phantom Wallet — we have tested it and have found it to provide the most user friendly experience. It’s practically Metamask, but on Solana. Visit the link below to get started. However, note that users are free to use other Solana wallets if they prefer.

Of note, the initial locked liquidity from the presale will remain on Sushiswap. There are no plans to remove this liquidity in the immediate future. All users will have 6 months to fully migrate.

This is an exciting time for Kineko. Be sure to join the Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with all of the coming announcements — we plan to keep the community informed every step of the way!

Happy betting!


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Jamie Larson