November Update: Profits, Originals, and Staking!


Another solid month in the books for Kineko, surpassing $300k in monthly profit despite a tough month in the crypto space. See below for a full breakdown of November results:


As you may have noticed, Kineko recently launched it's first original game. Be sure to check out the Kineko dice game: and keep an eye out for more original Kineko games to be released over the coming months.


The moment a lot of you have been waiting for - staking is live! Staking participants will receive a portion of bought back $KNK, with KNK single stakers receiving 5% of daily bought-back KNK and KNK LP stakers also receiving 5% of daily bought-back KNK. Please follow the instructions below to begin staking:

  1. Visit and sign into your Kineko account
  2. Deposit $KNK or KNK LP into your account
  3. Visit
  4. Earn your juicy KNK rewards! Rewards will be paid out every 24 hours into your Kineko account

Rewards will be paid out every 24 hours. Unstaking will require a 2-week cooldown, during which time no rewards will be earned.

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Jamie Larson