Kineko Migration Guide

Kineko Migration Guide

Now that migration is upon us we thought it would be best if we gave you the current plan for the process over the coming days. We believe we have provided ample time for the users to complete the few steps and added some additional rewards for those who complete the simple steps in the coming days.

Step 1 - Deactivation of the KKO-ETH and single stake KKO pools.

On the 14th of Nov, 4pm CET, emissions on the Ethereum chain will be paused. Tokens can be unstaked to prepare for migration. Please ensure to have enough ETH for migration transactions.

If you have not done so, please create a Solana wallet, the team recommends Phantom.

Step 2 - Migration
Migration will be done through our Migration UI. The link will be provided once emissions have been paused. This blogpost will also be updated with the link below.

Step 3  - Post migration
Rewards will not begin in the new KKO-USDC pool until 48 hours after the migration UI goes live. This grace period may be extended if gas cost becomes to high to accommodate for our users. Note that the migration UI will be available indefinitely until further notice.

- Increased rewards for the first 2 days in the KKO-USDC LP pool

- During this period, marketing will be ran in the form of press releases on relevant crypto news websites/networks.

- As there is a grace period, there is no benefit to rushing to migrate. Feel free to wait for optimal gas prices to save on migration costs

- 50% of the initial liquidity from the presale will remain on Sushiswap the remaining 50% will be migrated to the Solana KKO-USDC pool. There are no plans to remove the ETH liquidity in the immediate future. We generally expect all users to have completed migration within 6 months and will provide updates accordingly

A word from the Team
We are working our absolute hardest to make this as simple of a process for our community. If you have any questions regarding the process don't be afraid to reach out to the team.

Be sure to join the discord ( and follow us on Twitter ( to stay up to date with all of the coming announcements - we plan to keep the community informed every step of the way during this process!

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