Kineko Solana LP Staking

Kineko Solana LP Staking

Firstly a huge thank you for participating in the migration event over the last three days, this community has been super helpful and co-operative throughout the whole process and you have made this infinitely easier for us.

So now we need to get you guys and gals staked in the LP for those sweet sweet $KKO rewards!

The team has also added liquidity to the KKO-USDC pool.

  • Now you have completed your migration, go here to Raydium and add liquidity to this pool, you will need a 50:50 balance of USDC and KKO
  • Then head to, be sure to select "Solana"
  • Deposit your LP tokens in the Pool and away you go!

note: emissions will begin 2hours after publication of this article

Over the next 48hrs we will have 50% bonus emissions for everyone who participates in the LP.

Should you seek any assistance our community managers are always available in the discord or telegram. Use the appropriate channels and remember to be careful for impersonators.

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