Remember, remember, the Kineko November

Remember, remember, the Kineko November

We bid farewell to a new month, thanking once again all the people who are part of this wonderful community. Nothing comforts us more than to see how you are involved in this project. Thank you very much.

Solana Migration Completed

As we had announced, the migration to Solana was completed a few days before the end of the month and this new scenario allows us to be more agile with our processes while giving us the opportunity to offer better services to our users.

In order to make the conversion easier for our users, we published a step-by-step guide on how the process would be carried out so that no one would be left behind. In addition, we provided timely information on everything related to the migration, as we know that being transparent is one of our great values at Kineko and we hope that this will continue to be the case for a long time to come.

As part of the migration, staking rewards were moved to Solana and as way to incentivize the move we held 50% LP bonus rewards for 72 hours.

Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals are now available for $SOL and (SPL) $KKO. The ERC20 deposit and withdrawals support for $KKO will remain unchanged until further notice.

We are very happy to have moved to Solana, but that doesn't mean we can rest, we will continue to look for ways to improve our service in the coming months. We appreciate the confidence you have shown in this move and hope it will be a win-win for everyone.

We are on Dexlab, Sonar Watch, Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko

One of the many positive developments of the migration to Solana is the presence of Kineko on Dexlab, a decentralized exchange where the newest Solana projects list their tokens. This allows us to have a presence on a another platform and reach a larger number of users.

Our listing records are also available on the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms.

Sonar Watch also added tracking so you can now view all of your staking rewards and wallet balances.

This is certainly a big step in which we hope to increase our exposure and at the same time see our name alongside other great projects that we both respect and admire.


We are currently rebuilding the UI in React to further increase the UX and facilitate future development work, we estimate the work will be finished before the year ends.  Additionally we will be integrating Phantom and Metamask wallets into the site so users will no longer need to register an account, this will facilitate user onboarding. Finally, we have automated small withdrawals as part of our plans of automating different processes on the platform.

User Volume Pool Distributions

For the month of November, the user volume pool totaled 131987 $KKO. As you probably already know, the funds in this pool are distributed to active users based on their throughput on-site and comes from a portion of rewards from the staking pools. We are very happy to announce that the top three users this month were: RectangleRock (top of the leaderboard again!), Dyson and Kimoni. Well done everyone! As a part of their extraordinary performance they each earned a 50%, 12% and 5% share of the user volume pool, respectively.


The results show that our Casino games have once again been a strong attraction of our gaming offering, with total results of $1,535,694 with $139,770 profit.

Sports Book

As a result, the total volume of play has been $1,854,799 while our players struck gold with their predictions closing the month with $85,810 of winnings.‌‌‌‌


The numbers continue to grow as the weeks go by, a clear sign that the hard work of the Kineko team is paying off (well done mates!). We want to redouble our commitment to the project by announcing that we will keep working every day to continue offering the best experience to take Kineko to the next level.

During the last 30 days we have witnessed a growth in the number of users of 697, resulting in a total volume of $3,390,493 and a profit of $53,960.

Although the sportsbook has closed at a negative this month, the reserves have seen a decent boost from currencies other than $KKO including an $94,064 increase in $ETH holdings.

Affiliate Program

In our last monthly report we mentioned the launch of our affiliate program, which is progressing well. So far, we have not had the opportunity to report on the evolution of this movement in which we have high hopes, but we will bring you more information in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in becoming a Kineko affiliate, you can reach us at

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks we will continue our marketing campaign as promised. We will be collaborating with streamers and future strategic partners to help us increase the reach and prestige of the brand.

The will all coincide with the release of the React build and further optimization we add to the platform, keep your eyes peeled because an updated roadmap will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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