Invictus and Kineko Partnership!

Invictus and Kineko Partnership!

This is not the monthly report you were expecting. That is on the way, we promise. But for now, we have a much bigger announcement to share that we hope you will be as excited as we are about.

Kineko will be joining forces with the Invictus DAO to create a new style of partnership that will be incredibly beneficial to participants in both ecosystems!

In short, for those staking their Kineko LP, you will now be able to BOND your LP tokens to the Invictus DAO which will lock up your KKO-USDC and bolster the LP. In return for this stake, you will get discounted $KKO tokens that are vested over 5-7 days.

Special degenerates that like to gamble and also invest in the Invictus DAO can join via the $IN affiliate link. If you create an account using this Affiliate link all revenue generated from that account will be split 50/50. Essentially any profits that Kineko makes will be split and deposited right back into the Invictus DAO treasury!

This partnership is the first of its kind and we are eager to see how this grows in the future!

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Jamie Larson