Bye bye 2021! Welcome 2022!

Bye bye 2021! Welcome 2022!

Our first year of life ended last December 31st after a few months of hard work, but with extraordinary rewards at all levels. Thanks to all of you who follow us, support us and trust this humble but ambitious team that tries to improve every day with the sole objective of improving our product and services.

Before we kick off our review of the last few months, as well as take a look at the statistics accumulated over the last few weeks, the Kineko team would like to wish you a happy 2022.

Health, love and $KKO to all.


April was our starting point. With a backpack full of dreams we started this project with the hope of having a long and full life and very soon, if nothing prevents it, we will be celebrating our first anniversary - knock on wood.

Nine months ago the word DeFi seemed more like an acronym or the nickname of a LoL supervillain – specially for newcomers – but today it is already in the vocabulary of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We launched our first $KKO sale in early May and the reception was incredible. Part of the success was cemented by the strategic alliances we made with Fisher8 and Admiral which allowed us to reach a liquidity of 1.1MM.

In June the number of users on Kineko exceeded one thousand and as a token of gratitude to all of them, and also to the new users who have joined since then, we launched the Kineko User Volume Pool Rewards - if you've come looking for last month's winners, see below for the results.

As part of our commitment to our followers and users we optimized the platform to be mobile friendly and translated our content into more than 20 languages such as: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French or German. We are sure you can enjoy all the Kineko action in your favorite language, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to increase our language options.

Almost at the end of the summer, in mid-August, we launched our live casino games, which are available every day and every hour on our platform. At first we thought that the place to be was Ethereum but due to the increasing gas fees we decided that for the sake of everyone enjoying the Kineko experience we needed to move to an equally powerful network but with lower fees and thus we decided to make the move to Solana - a migration that was completed during the month of November.

This new scenario allowed us to set a new record in terms of liquidity up to 3.3MM and opened the doors to Dexlab and Jupiter Aggregator, among others.

And so we come to the end of the 2021 course where we announce, through our Twitter account, the incorporation of LukiLuki, who will be streaming on Twitch with the Kineko crest and who we hope will be the first of many new signings - stay tuned!

Last but not least, the improvements to the UI have been finalized meaning that the new React Build is now live, expect more announcements in regards to this in the coming weeks as we push new and exciting UI/UX updates.


During the 31 days of December, the user volume pool totaled 151332.847294249 $KKO. We are very happy to announce that the top three users this month were: RectangleRock (again, calm down bro) TeamTag and a new addition Huj. Congratulations! And remember that you too could be included in our monthly reports if you decide to compete for the leaderboard on our famous Volume Pool.


Once again, the fun of the Casino games were a big draw for players who were able to savor the whole offer for a total of $2,722,666.00 and $95,362.00 profit.


Meanwhile, the sports predictions were, for the second month in a row, sensational and players closed out the year in style. The numbers show that the total volume of play closed at $1,370,936.00 with a profit of $46,704.00.


Kineko's recent moves, in particular the migration to Solana, helped the number of players to consolidate in December. This resulted in a total of 739 users enjoying all the opportunities of our service, which translated into a gaming volume of $4,093,602.00 and a profit of $142,066.00.

Our commitment to continuous improvement leads us to believe that 2022 will be a very positive year in terms of attracting more users to our platform and thus continuing this growth.


As announced yesterday we have partnered with InvictusDAO to bring some KKO-USDC bonds to market (covered in this post), these bonds lock away KKO-USDC LP tokens in the Kineko treasury and reward the buyers with additional $KKO at a discount to the current market rate. This is both advantageous for future buybacks as we will have larger USDC reserves, for the current LP stakers their rewards will not be diluted but the liquidity will increase creating a more stable price pool for everyone.

InvictusDAO is now an official affiliate of Kineko and revenue generated will be split and deposited into their treasury!

We are also working on more partnerships and affiliate programs, these will be announced in the coming days/weeks so sit tight.

if you’re interested in becoming a Kineko affiliate, you can reach us at or reach out to a moderator in the discord.

Lastly as mentioned earlier the React build has been deployed but we will announce more about that as we role out our exciting quality of life upgrades.

2022 is going to be an exciting time for Kineko and we are glad to have you all along for the ride!

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