Kineko User Volume Pool

Kineko User Volume Pool

A Platform Usage Incentivization

Kineko has launched their User Volume pool and we’re excited to share some details on it to the users!

Up to 8% of the monthly staking distributions will be sent to user accounts in $KKO based on their on-site betting volume in ETH, BTC or KKO! As an example of how the rewards will proceed say you have bet 1% of the total bet volume on, this would equate to around $400 worth of $KKO back in rewards!

Your ranking will be displayed on the top right and all we require from you is placing bets in the casino or bets on the Sportsbook with minimum odds of 1.25.

Every bet being placed now is already eligible for the Volume Pool distribution. The pool itself (where the to-be-distributed KKO are) is currently empty and will be active at 6pm CET today.

These rewards will be paid out at the end of every month!

Number next to trophy icon indicating your current leaderboard position

Note: The new volume pool payout system will be subject to adjustment by the Kineko team in order to optimize payouts.

The rewards will be distributed to users using who bet with any cryptocurrency, there is an added benefit of using our native $KKO token on the platform — any bet created using $KKO will receive 2% cashback!

In the next 48 hours, Kineko is set to start our extensive marketing campaign. This marketing campaign includes banner ads, affiliate programs and targeted marketing. This marketing will mostly be focused on driving traffic towards though we will also be spreading the word about staking $KKO on The first main focus of the marketing will be the currently running Euro Championship in Soccer.

We are very happy with the community feedback on the platform and appreciate all the suggestions and optimizations that have been forwarded to us. We take all these suggestions very seriously and are actively improving the platform with your feedback to make a platform that we’ll all love to use!

So a big thank you from us at Kineko and we hope see you in the community channels!

Oh, and don’t miss our 100% welcome deposit bonus on!


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