Staking Rewards Adjustment

Kineko Emissions Reductions and New Platform User Rewards

The Kineko team has decided to alter how the rewards are distributed amongst the DeFi users and platform users in order to benefit everyone in the short and long term.

Staking Rewards Adjustments

After reexamining how these first few weeks have gone with the staking platform and rewards, we felt it’s best to reduce emissions to the stakers and reward platform users betting their hard-farmed KKO tokens!

These reductions come in the form of 35% reduction in the KKO-ETH pool and 25% reduction in the KKO single stake pool. We also felt this reduction was necessary in order to reduce the inflationary trajectory of the KKO token and put it into the hands of active site users.

User Volume Pool Boost

Along with these staking reward adjustments, the user volume pool is receiving a boost! This comes in the form of an increased 5% of rewards to the most active/highest volume users on the platform!

All these changes will take effect at 6pm CET 28th of June.

A Brief Review

Along with announcing these staking changes we would like to give our users some insights into the platform usage since launching the platform.

At the time of writing this we have registered over 1250 unique users and turned over >$300,000 with a average profit of around 10% (this number varies on the price of crypto unfortunately)

Marketing so far has been a success with a steady stream of new users joining on The affiliate program is being built and shortly we will have referrals and affiliates for additional marketing.

We are very grateful to the supporters of Kineko and to the users of the betting platform, we will keep updating, building and improving for the foreseeable future. Your feedback and enthusiasm is extremely welcomed and appreciated.


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