is live!

With much excitement we are happy to bring to you the Kineko platform! Now you can enjoy all your favourite table games, slots and most importantly sports betting! You can now use your KKO, ETH or BTC for any wager you wish to make!

Introducing the Kineko User Volume Pool

With the successful release of, the team has decided to allocate a small percentage of the weekly DeFi staking rewards to the platform users.

Beginning at the end of this month, 5% of weekly staking rewards distributions will be sent to user accounts in $KKO based on their on-site betting volume. With weekly emissions at about 400,000 $KKO, this will equate to roughly 20,000 $KKO distributed back into user accounts.

Upcoming Events and Marketing Campaign

Along with the successful platform release, a substantial marketing campaign is set to begin for the betting platform, specifically targeting using to bet on the UEFA European Football Championship. There will also be bonus bet programs in place with access to rewards in $KKO tokens!

Along with the marketing campaign, the governance platform using the $KKO token is being worked on and will be released soon. There is also a big surprise still in store for early adopters of Kineko!


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