Staking Emissions Schedule

At 4am EST today the staking pools were rebalanced as outlined in the Kineko emission schedule.

Stable pool emissions were reduced from 5% per pool to 3.3%. This reduction was added to the KKO-ETH pool which is now receiving 65% of the total emissions.

In the following week on the 24th of May these stable pool rewards will be reduced again by 5%, and on the 31st these rewards will be completely removed.

Moving forward we would like to reward the KKO-ETH pool with greater incentives, as its participants are assuming the bulk of the risk. We believe the bootstrapping pools are working as intended, as of today there are 519 holders of $KKO.

In the coming weeks, you can look forward to the betting application going live, another special announcement, and 🎁 !

Lastly we would like to really thank our fantastic community, you have made this easier for us, we are super excited for what we have in store in the coming weeks.



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Jamie Larson