Kineko: The DeFi Betting Protocol

Governments all around the world are increasingly imposing stricter regulations on online betting operations, this directly interferes with the user experience by setting specific rules and restrictions. Extrapolating this trend it becomes clear that the future of online betting is decentralized and crypto-based. The consequence is that betting site operators around the world are being forced into thinking about technological innovation.

As decentralized finance grows at a rapid rate, many teams are looking to develop their own fit for how they can apply the DeFi mechanisms and structures. We introduce a solution to make and settle betting markets without losing on time, liquidity and regulations.

Introducing Kineko

If you dig into DeFi, you will find a wide variety of yield generating options, dApps, protocols and other tools. The general idea being that most things aren’t generally utilized by the user unless it’s some form of lending.

The Kineko betting app is a fully licensed, high throughput betting app with the support of a DeFi ecosystem to bootsrap liquidity of the native token $KKO. The native token will be used for rewards on the exchange and for participating in the liquidity programs. With this ecosystem the exchange will be able to reward any participant whether you're betting or simply staking.

With Kineko being staked, generating yield will gain you the access to a share of the fees generated. Holding the Kineko token will gain you access to many onsite features like bonus bets, cash backs, odds boosting and many of the other features seen on traditional bookmakers. The Kineko token will be subject to deflationary mechanisms such as locks and burns to increase the holding and purchasing power of those active in the community. Governance will be rolled out as the app becomes more decentralized all according to our roadmap. All gaming licenses are in place and Kineko is a working product.

Kineko aims to bring these structures to a community driven gambling interface, with high-throughput sports betting and prediction markets offering real-time settlement.


Considering the DeFi space and the options available it only makes sense that the gaming industry is a natural fit. Kineko aims to be a leader in that field.

The exciting thing about decentralisation is the realm of possibilities when you combine passion and innovation, we truly believe this will benefit any user of the Kineko ecosystem.



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Jamie Larson