October Monthly Report

Hello All! It’s time for the October edition of the Kineko Monthly Report!

This month has proven to be a busy one here in the front office. We have had our best month in terms of volume since the inception of $KKO! We also have our affiliate program coming out soon, the big migration to Solana, and had some great (free) marketing during the Loomdart and Rookie fight, which is becoming more apparent each day. We’ll touch more on all of this below.

Solana Migration

If you haven’t read our previous post regarding our upcoming migration to the Solana network, it’s highly recommended that you take a look at it; the migration is happening very soon (click here to read more).

While that process is nearly complete, we are still in the testing phase and making sure that we can make the transition as easy, seamless, and smooth as possible for all of our users. Please be watching out for this announcement in the coming week so you can be positioned accordingly.

Affiliate Program

We are currently laying the foundation for the Kineko Affiliate Program, which is still in its infancy. This program will be for trusted partners of the $KKO platform.

The team is currently ironing out what the terms and conditions for this program, we have partnered with EkstraPoint and you can expect an announcement about that in the coming few days. We will be adding new affiliates weekly and are currently in discussions with future potential partners.

If you’re interested in becoming a Kineko affiliate, you can reach us at hi@kineko.com

The Player’s Edge

We’ve taken some time to put together an educational tutorial that helps explain the Asian Handicap System (the one we use here at Kineko) for those that might not be clear on how it works and as a refresher for those that are familiar. Volume 1 of our tutorials is available here: https://kinekodefi.medium.com/kineko-educational-vol-1-a9dd960d356d

User Volume Pool Distributions

For the month of October, the user volume pool totaled 154289.009 $KKO. The funds in this pool are distributed to active users based on their throughput on-site and comes from a portion of rewards from the staking pools. The top three users this month were: betryan, RectangleRock (2 month streak!), and kimoni. They each earned a 38.34%, 27.72%, and 4.59% share of the user volume pool, respectively.


The casino continues to perform well. As mentioned in the intro, we had our best month in terms of throughput and volume in October. As such, the casino turned over $3,637,047.98 and $64,621.62 in profit.

Sports Book

We saw decent profits and exposure from the Loomdart/Rookie fight, however, there continue to be some big winners on the sportsbook end of things. Maybe the Asian Handicap tutorial we posted was too helpful. DOTA was huge for us with The International on and we saw some new players arrive on the scene. NFL has continued to be a high throughput area, and football/soccer continue to be stable performers in the betting markets. For October, We saw $3,137,171.82 turned over with $52,872.24 in profit.


The development of the UI/UX in React is still in process. With this rebuild comes new and exciting features, and once this build is complete and goes live, we will start gradually adding features we have been planning since launch. A lot of great changes are coming!


Thrilled is an understatement! We are eternally grateful for the growth we have seen this project take over the course of the last couple of months, especially October. From the Solana migration, UI/UX updates, creation of the affiliate program, and much more, we have been working hard to enhance and improve the KKO ecosystem. We’re glad to have you along with us for the ride.

At the conclusion of October we have seen a total turnover of $6,760,312.20 with a total profit of $117,493.86! (We almost matched last quarters volume in 1 month) With this huge increase in monthly volume all we can say is how excited we are for the future of the platform with the up and coming migration.

As always, the Kineko team welcomes constructive feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team and tell us what you would like to see on the Kineko platform! Thanks to everyone in the community and our users for being a part of Kineko!

Staking: https://kineko.io

Betting and Casino: https://kineko.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KinekoDefi

Telegram Public: https://t.me/KinekoDefi


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Jamie Larson