March, who coulda seen that coming?

March, who coulda seen that coming?

Well here we are for another monthly review and what a month it has been! Now before we get into the juicy stuff, as per usual the team at Kineko wants to give a massive shoutout and thanks to our very supportive community.

We are starting to see our hard work pay off, and this month we crossed a big milestone of having 10,000 registered users! So sit tight, read along, and you will begin to understand why the future at Kineko looks so bright!

Into the breach

We can begin here with probably the most exciting thing Kineko has been involved with to date, as you have probably noticed we signed a long term partnership deal with ITB gaming, they play in a number of leagues across many games (dota/csgo/valorant/rainbow6). Our ideals are aligned and their CEO Sam has great visions for this team. Be sure to look out for this partnership featuring on all your favorite esports matches.

Also we will be finalising some ITB-Kineko merch soon, so keep an eye out for that.

The Volume - A new record.

So who was worried that volume would die down when NFL season stopped? As it stands March has been our largest month to date topping over 6.3MM wagered.

This is largely due to the hard work the team has done on the affiliate marketing front, we have seen an influx of real players looking for exactly what we offer. The team has been relentless in pushing promo to drive traffic, if you have any ideas or wish to become a partner you can always email:

And as you all know, big volume should = big buybacks but we can get to that later.


The casino has done its usual thing with $3,158,937.00 in total volume for a handy little profit of $115,380.00


Sports has really surprised us this month with the NFL season no longer being a staple but we have seen good action on lots of European football and UFC. Its totals for march are $3,185,414.oo wagered with $169,539.00 in profit!

Volume pool

We had our closest volume pool ever with the Top 4 only separated by a mere 2%, the winner of the volume pool is Jrv on 14.46%, so congratulations there will be an extra 2k usdc in your account later today. Second place was claimed by Dyson coming in with 13.93% and third by Gapuxd on 13.52%

So why buy $KKO?

Most of our efforts to date have been focused on optimizing the betting platform, as we think that will be the long-term driver of value for token holders. That being said, we are aware that token holders would like to see the progress reflected in their token price and we believe that over the course of the year, $KKO should start to trade at levels that reflect our hard work over the past few months.

As we move to things such as wallet integration, the native token will become more important in the coming year - expect to see features similar to that of FTX like ´stake a small amount of KKO and you are granted discounts on certain markets'. With our upcoming releases, things like NFTs will only be purchasable or heavily discounted with KKO.

Now that buybacks are happening, emissions have been reduced, we are doing record volume/revenue and we have more tricks up our sleeve, there has never been a better time to buy $KKO and you can do that here.


While the treasury details are not yet public we still do monthly buybacks with KKO, so every token is essentially backed by the Kineko treasury. As we generate more revenue we will purchase more KKO on market and lock those tokens away.

With this months profits totalling a whopping $284,919.00, we are buying back the tidy sum of $94,973, this will be twapped over the coming month to avoid front running or any form of manipulation. You can expect announcements on socials when we are up and running.


We are looking to hire new dev talent, if you have any experience with rust smart contracts/wallet integrations and solana NFTs, reach out to one of the community managers.


While the token price really doesn't represent what the Kineko team has managed to achieve we firmly believe that we are hitting a huge turning point and much sunnier skies approach us, so again we appreciate your support and thanks for reading.

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Jamie Larson