Consistency is Key - April

Consistency is Key - April

When you set records, its important you can back it up and with March being our biggest month to date, its nice to know we are not just a one hit wonder.

In this months report we will go over all the good stuff, revenue, profit, buybacks and future developments, so put on your reading glasses and lets get going!


It feels comfy to set a record in March then back it up in April and now with the buybacks fully in swing its only a matter of time till  🚀.


The casino keeps being the foundation of our protocol’s success. Thus we are constantly working to improve our users experience when playing at the Kineko casino.

This month we added one of the biggest and most popular game providers in Netent to our rotation, bringing in some of the most famous slot hits like Gonzos Quest, Starburst and many more. In additions to that we created a brand new 200% welcome offer for our new casino players. When signing up to you can now choose between the 200% casino deposit bonus and our 100% sports book bonus.

All these novelties were rewarded with a total casino volume of $2,676,393.00 and a tidy profit of $110,165.00.


The sportsbook beat out the casino in volume this month which is always a welcome surprise topping $2,846,793.00 with a decent profit of $58,985.00

The Volume Pool

This months volume was absolutely dominated by our friend Apu100kPaT coming in at 38.53%, followed by bnx2020 at 8.49%, coming in 3rd place was jrv on 8.17%

Again you guys absolutely killed it helping us maintain these great numbers.


So last month we spent $94,973 buying back KKO on market, this amounted to about 600,000 tokens which is .6% of the total supply.

This month we will be buying back $56,383.33 worth of $KKO on market, this number is derived by the simple promise we made to you, "1/3rd of all profits will be used to buyback $KKO on market".


In short it looks like Kineko is really headed in the right direction. The narrative is strong, the supply is deflationary, the tokens are backed by the treasury and we are making great profits.

If you're a developer and looking for work contact one of the team members and introduce yourself.

As always thanks for the support and thanks for reading, we wouldn't be here without you.

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Jamie Larson