Maybe May

Maybe May

We will keep this monthly report short and sweet but I think we can all agree that May was probably one of the best months for a sports fan in a while. So many exciting matches and results. Real Madrid won the Champions league, Manchester City won the Premier League and Arsenal came 5th.

Moving forward we will continue to post the monthly revenue and results but condense the full Kineko review into a quarterly feature.

Volume Pool

Again another exciting finish on the volume pool with 3 players all around the 9% region, congrats to ninja88 for winning 9229.3877 $KKO! Second place was taken by kinekoplayer taking home 8936.2424 $KKO and 3rd was won by bnx2020 who will receive a comfy 7707.9669 $KKO


The casino did its usual thing, being the backbone of the Kineko platform generating 2,292,183.00 in volume with a profit of $75,501.00


Sports managed to generate $2,291,160.00 in total volume but considering our users love of Benzema and Real Madrid, you guys managed to take $14,270.00 from us.

Again sports and casino are in perfect harmony with a near 50:50 split on volume.


Buybacks are in full effect and during May we managed to hit a total of over 1,420,000 tokens bought back. Just to put that into perspective, thats over 1.4% of the total supply locked up.

For June, again, we are buying back tokens with 1/3 of our monthly profit resulting in a buyback worth $22,650.30.


In June look for a ton of improvements in the casino and new games will be hitting the platform every Thursday!

While this might not be the most action packed monthly report, it's plain to see that Kineko is cementing itself as a great go to solution for anyone looking to wager crypto, also with over 2300 new signups during May smashing the previous record!

We love our community and we appreciate all the contribution we have had to make the platform better everyday. We wouldn't be here without you. Forza!

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Jamie Larson